Rather than being afraid about my new career venture, I am eager to get going! I have shifted from hoping I’ll do an OK job to knowing I’m going to ‘be enough, and being enough is where I want to be” SB

I realize I am a good mom, and if I embrace “I AM enough” my girls will learn by my example. If I am constantly striving for perfection, so will they, and I want them to be good with who they are, and love and accept themselves for who they are! You brought these important lessons to focus and I thank you! SB

I loved the sessions I had with you! You empowered me to move beyond where I was and let me lift myself to new heights!! Thank you! DD

I feel lighter after our session, and know that I can do whatever I set out to to! Thank you for the inspiration regarding my creative self! CB

I went from not knowing what it life coaching really was to a total life change back to myself! And I am better than ever! Putting all of my wishes wants heart, mind, and should the the forefront of my being. My life is so much more fulfilling than it was 2 months ago. Nothing has changed but MY mindset and me! Thanks Erin, for all you are and all you do! I whole heartedly recommend you for Life Coaching! GH